We are preparing good practice examples of how to adapt the service offer of small accommodation providers to attract more clients. In particular, using new digital technologies and new approaches. During 2023 we will offer financial support to implement these changes in your businesses. Our services can be used by small accommodation services providers across the EU.”

How to assist SMEs

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Financial support

We are preparing a call for financial support to help you business.
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Financial Support to SMEs

Clock icon 05.12.2022

We are preparing a public call for financial support to help you in 12 specific action and support areas which helps you to improve in digital, green and soft/social competences.  This support will be available in at least 15 European countries yet to be defined.

Press Release: Rural tourism: the new sustainable trend funded by the European project EU RURAL TOURISM

Clock icon 17.10.2022

Public presentation of the project: "EU Rural Tourism". During the first meeting of the project partners in Venice (17-18 October 2022)